The Magic Of Morocco!

As you've probably already heard, we are seriously obsessed with Morocco at the moment! The colours - the rugs - the tiles - the patterns.... ahhh we can't get enough! We are so super insanely lucky to be travelling there in May and we are counting the sleeps until our trip of a lifetime!!!

Together with the incredible Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, we have planned an experience like no other! We'll be exploring incredible souks and riads with one of the coolest stylists in Australia, and discovering all the beauty that Morocco has to offer - eeep!! 

Our first stop is the unreal Le Riad Yasmin, where we will wine, dine and lounge between adventures in Marrakech. Our exclusive slice of paradise! We'll be exploring the Medina and the colourful souks filled with incredible artisans stopping only for delicious food!

Just when we think we're being totally spoilt, we're off to the Scarebeo Camp!! That's right, a night of ultimate glamping in the desert! Luxury tents, a beautiful star studded Moroccan sky and in the morning, a hot air balloon ride that will blow your mind!

Then we're over to the seaside to visit the most incredible town, Essaouira! Staying at Villa Anouk, we will get the chance to explore the medina and the incredible colours of this fishing village. We'll also get the chance to experience a Moroccan cooking class - so we can bring these amazing flavours home with us!

Then it's time to rest our weary bones - a total leisure and pleasure experience in the mountains at Kasbah Bab Ourika! Hammans, steam rooms and massages await - complete and utter relaxation before our journey home again.

This is destined to be a total trip of a lifetime and we are still pinching ourselves! As much as we would love to take you all, you can follow the journey on our instagram. We promise to bring back some deliriously beautiful goodies for the store, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for what hidden gems we find along the way!


Le Riad Yasmine | Villa Anouk | Casually Glam | Souk & Co | A Girl Who TravelsFlee  Winter | A Magazine | Find Us Lost

La Maison - SOW

Society Of Wanderer's Spring/Summer 2017 collection La Maison has just been revealed and it's possibly their best collection yet! 

Styled by NC Interiors and photographed by Cricket Studio, Society Of Wanderers took on Marrakesh for this incredible photoshoot.

Beautifully soft linens in the most incredible colours - I just can't wait to get my hands on this collection!! Pre-orders are now open for October delivery.




Design Sponge
Shop Tour: An Australian Concept Store Based in an 1864 Masonic Hall 
by Rebekah Carey
Pip Brett and Nick Luelf purchased the former Masonic Hall of Orange in New South Wales, Australia in June of last year and opened the doors to their concept space, The Sonic, only nine weeks later. The Masonic Hall was built in 1864, and one night when Nick was walking the couple’s dogs he saw that it was for sale, and actually had been for four years. The next day they looked at the space, fell in love with the exterior, the interior’s original beams, bricks, and hardwood floors, and put in an offer. Nick is a builder, which would prove useful in their whirlwind nine-week renovation of the space, and Pip owns a homewares store — Jumbled — and clothing store — Iglou. Pip launched Iglou in 2006 and Jumbled in 2012. Through the success of the shops’ online marketplaces and social media presences the stores were outgrowing their physical spaces, so creating a concept store with the couple’s favorite things — fashion, home goods, and coffee — was ideal timing. The classic Masonic Hall was so big that it allowed enough room to let the three businesses feel like they had distinct spaces, while still feeling open and having a clear flow.
With a tight timeframe, and limited budget, the couple enlisted old high school friends and architecture and interior design firm, Studio Esteta, to help round out their vision. The support from others also elevated the design, and most importantly helped to ensure their plan was complete so that the moment they were ready to begin their renovation, nothing would delay them. Finishing the project was a labor of love, complete with friends and family whose help made it all possible. The last project Pip and Nick are in the process of tackling now is the cooling and heating of the massive space — the latter of which will be important because it actually snows in Orange! Ultimately, the creative couple made a shop that feels both historic and modern at the same time, and one we’d be happy to get lost in while sipping a coffee and taking in all the treasures. —Rebekah
Photography by Martina Gemmola
Image Above: Pip describes all the hard work that went into making their dream a reality, “Chipping render, painting walls, sanding floors… we did it all ourselves and we nearly killed ourselves in the process! Looking back, it was the greatest experience and I’m so proud and can’t believe what my husband and I (and a merry team of helpers) achieved in such a whirlwind.”
Pip lends a little insight into the history of their space, "Our Masonic Hall was built in 1864 in a traditional Masonic design style with references to Eygptian architecture and ancient Greek symbols." Pip continues, "We re-painted the façade white and exposed the original Greek emboss on the façade. Introduced black steel details; new fencing, signage, black steel framed doors and handrails – a common link throughout the building."
This is the cafe area of The Sonic -- Nimrod's. In the Jumbled and Nimrod's cafe areas Pip shares their renovation goals, "Create a light and bright interior aesthetic – blank canvas to display the product. Raw and textural palette. Expose existing ceiling structure." Some of their favorite features of the building can all be seen from this vantage point. "When my husband and I got up in the ceiling for that very first time, we fell in love with the beautiful old beams and just couldn't believe our luck. It was even more amazing than we ever could have possibly imagined. Up there we just knew that we had to buy it. We somehow managed to purchase the old building (lots of begging and pleading with the bank) leaving us with a VERY limited budget, but I guess that is when the challenge and exciting journey began."
"There are three distinct areas in the open-plan design of The Sonic. We wanted to create a space that had a flow throughout whilst still maintaining a distinct separation," Pip explains. 
"There are three distinct areas in the open-plan design of The Sonic. We wanted to create a space that had a flow throughout whilst still maintaining a distinct separation," Pip explains.
Pip admits, "I had always dreamt about a concept store - coffee, fashion, home - everything I love under one roof!" The bones of the space were always incredible, but Pip and Nick knew they could make them even more so with their goals for the inside. "We exposed all the existing trusses and pitched ceiling. Opened up existing separate interior spaces to allow for connection and spatial flow. Exposed all the original brickwork and painted it with a whitewash finish, enhancing the existing qualities of the building."
One of the three distinct spaces is the clothing store, Iglou. Pip describes her inspiration for this area: "Refined and intimate feel. Maintain existing low ceiling grid. Light and bright, but more refined than Jumbled. Constrained playfulness."
We love how cohesive, yet distinct, the three separate entities are within the space. Pictured-- Iglou, the clothing arm of The Sonic.
The perfect pink hue in the Iglou changing rooms, “Rose Nude” by Taubmans.
A dressing room that feels like it could be found in Old Hollywood or a minimalist's wildest dreams.
Pip looked on the positive side of their limitations, "Our limited budget and extreme time restraints made the renovation challenging. However, I am a huge believer that a limited budget forces you to be resourceful; to work harder in finding cheaper alternatives and to push you to think outside of the box. When this takes place, that is when the design magic happens."
With a space so big that entire living scenes can be beautifully displayed, it's no wonder Jumbled (and the other shops) have done so well in the new space.
Pip shares what she values the most in their space, "I am most thankful that The Sonic allows us to work in a big and beautiful space every day. Our new home gives our art and products room to breathe and shine, which has seen our business grow and flourish. I feel so lucky that we stumbled across this lovely old building and took a chance."
Pip explains the tight renovation schedule and their community who helped them achieve their dreams: "Because of the short timeframe we had to literally work day and night for nine weeks. Having my husband Nick as a builder saved us so much time and money. We did everything that we possibly could ourselves and had a team of dedicated family and friends lending a much needed hand. I think they realized that we may have bitten off a little more than we could chew. Without them we would probably be still renovating and/or broke!"
An added benefit of the huge space is that it allows Pip and Nick to host events and workshops as well. The lovely, and rather prolific, Australian stylist Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors, just hosted styling workshops in the space.
"Iglou and Jumbled had outgrown both of our current stores and we were looking for something bigger when we discovered that the old Masonic Hall was for sale. It ticked all of the boxes -- it had so much character, a huge inspiring space, incredible roof trusses and beams and was in a great location right in the center of town. The size and layout of the building allowed us to turn our dream of a concept store into a reality."
All smiles with Nick and Pip and their sons, Digby and Barnaby. Photo by Pip Farqaurson.
Pip shares the intention behind the design of their space, “There are three distinct areas in the open-plan design of The Sonic. We wanted to create a space that had a flow throughout whilst still maintaining a distinct separation.”
Interior and exterior design- Studio Esteta
Paint- Dulux in Natural White and Domino
Signage- laser cut locally by McSigns
Timber door handle – Designer Doorware
Walls – Paint: Dulux natural white
Flooring – Cabot’s CFP Floor Water Based floor finish, tinted with Dulux natural white
Laser cut signage and all metal work- ATB Industries in Orange
Metal work paint – Dulux electro range, color: Black Ace
Feature light- POTENCE PIVOTANTE BY NEMO LIGHTING (black wall light)
Counter – American oak veneer
Central Plinths – Dulux Narrowneck Satin finish
Lighting – LED track lighting, color: black satin
Iglou Changerooms
Paint color- Rose Nude by Taubmans
Wall lamps – Onefortythree
Curtains – Kismet polished linen, color: Cameo, Supplier: James Dunlop
Metal work – Dulux electro range, color: Black Ace
Mirrors – Mira Leaning Mirror, color: Coal, Supplier: Middle of Nowhere
Stools – ikea, painted with Taubmans, Rose Nude
Lighting – LED track lighting, Color: white satin
Counter – plywood B Grade radiata pine – limed with Cabot’s
Floors – Cabot’s CFP Floor Water Based floor finish, tinted with Dulux natural white
Walls – painted Dulux natural white
Duct work – painted Dulux natural white
Steel work – Made locally by ATB Industries, Powdercoated: Dulux electro range, color: Black Ace
Nimrod’s (cafe area)
Counter- solid Tasmanian oak cladding limed with Cabot’s
Tabletops- Victorian Ash limed with Cabot’s
Metal work – made locally by ATB Industries. Powdercoated in Natural White, Delux
Nib wall – Painted with Blue Shamrock by Taubmans
Skylights- VELUX
Stools and chairs – Spice stool, contour chair and racquet chair, Supplier: Space to Create
Lighting – led track lighting, color: white satin
Floors – Cabot’s CFP Floor Water Based floor finish, tinted with Dulux natural white
This article was written be Rebekah Carey and originally published on The Design Sponge on 20th June 2017. It can be found online here.
Images by Martina Gemmola
5 mins with Lumiere!
I am SO super excited that we're hosting an exhibition with Lumiere Art & Co at the end of the month!! We've been in love with Emma for a while now - she is one seriously clever cool girl! From painting, screen printing, ice dying and jewellery - this lady does it ALL!!! Nothing is ever too much trouble and she's always open to new colour ideas - I just LOVE it! We wanted you to get to know Emma a little more before her amazing artworks start flooding in! 
Mix or match?
Is there anyone in the world who would say match?! Mix mix mix. Life’s too short to match. ‘Match’ makes me think of waiting. 
Fave colour combo?
We have a few Lumiere favourites in which we repeat throughout our collections. Peach and denim blue. Green and pink. Plum and light magenta. Duck egg blue and yellow. Aqua and hot pink. We are colour match makers. 
Where do you find your inspiration?
I’ll mention an inspiration that doesn’t include travel, Pinterest and ‘the things around me’ which can sometimes be the most likely answers. The concept of ‘Collage’ or ‘Assemblage' is one of my biggest inspirations. Placing the incidental together which creates something new. I like to makes things that have a ‘David Bowie’ touch. A doily in a frame looks naff- its hasn’t changed enough or have been pushed into a different context. Its the pizzazz of something new and changing the way we look at the usual which makes what we do appealing. A slash of hot pink, a weird coloured frame, a scattering of geometric shapes over an organic shape. David Bowie made obscure pop songs within the framework of art. He used pop as a disguise. Love this approach and have used it would for Lumiere since the beginning. 
Dream holiday destination?
Looking at Jumbled's Instagram gives me strong Sicily vibes. Greece is also up there. I went to LA last year for work and absolutely loved it, I would love to bring the fam bam next time and road trip to the desert. 
Describe your style at home?
Minimal, 80’s classic colour palette, red brick, Domino painted woodwork, a mix of textures, lots of Industria X furniture, weaves, prints, plants, rugs, art by friends, a giant Miranda Skoczek painting and lots of windows. All with a sprinkling of rogue Lego blocks, hand drawn jellyfish and plastic tool sets. 
Dream collaborators?
Gorman. I’m dreaming big baby! 
Describe your perfect day?
Sunrise Yoga, coffee, an awesome ‘sampling' meeting with my Lumiere team, a little painting, an Aperol Spritz, a long lunch at the winery, some time with a Stand Up Paddle Board on the beach, hot summer night swims, a live band, dancing, giggles and gossip completed with a cosy bed made up of fresh linen sheets. I don’t ask for much hey?!
What is on your dream home wishlist?
So many lists. We have plans ready to ‘install/ plant/ landscape’ a new garden and I’m itching to start. Itching. Our friend Heath from Plume Studio designed it for us and its so special, it will need to be in a photoshoot in the future. That would number 1. I would also like a piano. Anything by Douglas and Bec and that is all. 
We are more excited than EVER now!! This exhibition is going to be amazing, and Emma is working so super hard to have lots of pieces ready to go!
We would love for you to join us on opening night, but the exhibition will also be accessible online! We're offering a presale evening the night before opening, for all you Lumiere lovers! 
We hope to see you there!!
All images used with permission, from Lumiere Art & Co
All about Orange!

It's really no secret that we love ORANGE!! This time though, we're not just in love with our town, but the colour!! We looked around and the store and realised we are surrounded by Orange - and we LOVE it!

Get ready to fall in love with Orange too...



For even more orange-spiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board here.

All image credits available here.


A Sunday of serious styling!

You are invited to join us at The Sonic for an evening with one of Australia's most published and renowned Interior Stylists, Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors. Julia styles and writes for many leading interior publications here in Australia and overseas, and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things style related. 

Julia has offered to open up her black book of tips and tricks from the magazine world to share with us all. There will be 2 workshops to choose from, or why not attend both! The first session will concentrate on creating your dream bedroom and cover off many styles with hands on tips, such as how to make the perfect bed! The second session focus's on living/dining rooms, and how to make the most of your space, from open plan living through to small space dwelling.
For the enthusiastic home stylists amongst us, this will prove to be an invaluable experience, and for those wishing to make a career change into a creative field, now is your chance to pick Julia's brains and find out first hand how to make it happen!
Please join us for a day of super mega styling!
Sunday 7th May, 2017
The Sonic 
33-35 Sale Street, Orange

The BEDROOM session runs from 10am - 12pm
The LOUNGE & LIVING session runs from 2pm - 4pm

Each session is $120 and tickets are extremely limited! You are welcome to attend both sessions for the discounted price of $200.
pssst... As an extra special treat, Julia will also be available for private one-on-one sessions for $200 an hour. These sessions are incredibly limited, so please contact us here to book your spot!
All images are examples of Julia Green's styling 


Kate and Kate arrives in store!

Kate and Kate's incredible new collaboration with Arent & Pyke has just landed in store! Carnival is full of incredible textures and bold prints. Buttery soft leather, super soft Alpaca wool and luxurious linen feature across the collection.

Warm, rich winter tones and luxurious textures - Carnival is a dream collaboration!

Shop the collection online here.

All about AFTERPAY!

You've all been asking for it, so we got it! That's right, JUMBLED now offers Afterpay!!

Afterpay is relatively new, so I'm here to break it down and make it accessible for everyone. With Afterpay, you get your goodies straight away and automatic payments are deducted from your account fortnightly. It's basically like layby, except you get your item first!

When you're at the checkout, you select Afterpay in the same way you would select PayPal as a payment option. It's a really simple sign up process and takes minutes! The balance of your order is broken into 4 equal payments, and they're deducted from your account every 2 weeks - so simple! You don't have to log in to make payments, you won't be charged interest, and they even send you a little reminder email so you can be sure you have the funds in your account before they charge it. 

You can read more about Afterpay here.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself!



It's All About ANNIE!

If you follow us on instagram, you will already know how obsessed we are with the amazing artist, Annie Everingham! Everything she touches turns to pure gold, and we find ourselves falling head over heels for everything she paints (including her apron!)

We just can't stop looking at her pieces! There are always so many beautiful little snippets and if you ever catch us with a piece in store, you'll see us debating over which little snippet we like the most. It's the pops of neon amongst rich navy and plums - the beautifully washy sections up against the controlled architectural lines - the chaotic sections side by side with the vast blocks of colour... we just love it all!!!

With layers and layers of rich colour, you can see how much joy is in each piece! We love the youthful dynamics and interesting composition. The clash of pattern and florals, combine to create a dynamic and signature style. 

We are just so beyond excited to announce that we have been lucky enough to host an exhibition, in store, with the incredible ANNIE EVERINGHAM! It is going to be incredible!! We would love for you to join us, and to meet the incredible Annie herself! We know you will love her as much as we do!! If you want to get to know a little more about her, jump over to a previous interview with her here

If you don't live in Orange, don't fret because all artworks will be available for sale online! But why wait, this could be the perfect time to visit our amazing town (and store!) Orange is just full of amazing things to do, eat and drink - and it's right at the start of Orange FOOD Week!! FOOD Week is our favourite of year, check out the Brand Orange website here for a full program of events. The Night Markets on the Friday night is a must, so why not make a long weekend to remember! We've also written a blog post on all our favourite things to do in Orange, be sure to check it out here.

We hope to see you there!!

Image Credit: Annie Everingham 

A quick trip to Orange

With Orange FOOD Week right around the corner, the town is buzzing and we thought it was the perfect time to share everything we love about our special town! If you haven't visited Orange before, FOOD Week is the perfect time to do so! The town comes alive, the leaves are turning colour and every wine maker, producer and chef showcases their absolute best. 

We are so lucky here in Orange! We could spend all day talking about all the amazing places to visit and eat at. Here is a short list to some of the places we frequent, to give you a starting point for your Orange weekend!


Ferment87 Hill Street

Philip Shaw Winery100 Shiralee Road

Heifer Station1034 The Escort Way (Particularly if you have kids, the petting zoo is a winner!)

The Union BankCorner of Byng St and Sale St


The Old Convent307 Convent Lane, Borenore (the best ever set menu brunch - Sunday only so bookings essential!)

Groundstone Cafe - 149 Byng Street (Located opposite the Regional Art Gallery)

Nimrod's - At The Sonic of course! Also located on Lords Pl

Lolli Redini48 Sale Street

Sweet Sout Salt116 Summer Street

Mr Lim's - 282 Summer Street

The Grocer & Co Organics50 McNamara Street

The Lakehouse Cafe - Lake Canobolas (The perfect place for a nice walk too!)

The Agrestic Grocer - 426 Mitchell Highway

The Guildry - Located in Cook Park, try here for the BEST slices and jams!


De Russie Boutique Hotel72 Hill Street

Dragonfly Cottages92 Heifer Station Lane

Black Sheep Inn91 Heifer Station Lane

Borrodell Vineyard - 298 Lake Canobolas Road

The Old Convent307 Convent Lane, Borenore

Summer East Serviced Apartments399 Summer Street

Lakeview Luxury Cabins57 Stanford Road

PLEASE NOTE: We have had lots of customers calling us to say that Orange is fully booked for FOOD Week! We've actually found LOTS of amazing places on Air BnB! We really recommend you jump over to see if you can book a lovely cottage for your stay! 

And of course, if you're visiting Orange we would LOVE to see you in store! 

We're located at The Sonic, 33 - 35 Sale Street!

See you soon xx


Image credits via: Trip Advisor, Smudge Eats, Heifer Station, Philip Shaw, The Old Convent, Borrodell, Lolli Redini, Mr Lim's, Groundstone Cafe, The Agrestic Grocer


Marais AW17

Wowsers!! Sage and Clare has just released their Autumn/Winter collection Marais, and it is next level AMAZING!! Heavily inspired by Parisian luxury, Marais balances both the eclecticism of French design whilst remaining true to the traditional craftsmanship of hand looming. Tufted checks, tapestry florals and gingham waffles weaves... every piece of the collection is designed to both compliment and contrast in true Parisian style.


Society Of Wanderers
For linen lovers, the Society Of Wanderer's upcoming collection is a total dream come true! The softest ever linens in a huge range of colours, I just don't even know where to start!!
The range covers sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases, european pillowcases, valances and table linen! So much to choose from, and we just love mixing and matching (especially with the feature pattern - leopard print!)
The collection has opened for pre-orders and it's already being snapped up left, right and centre! Shop the collection here for delivery in mid-late March 2017.
We hope you love the collection as much as we do!!
Amy Wright joins the gang!

We are insanely thrilled to be welcoming artist and florist extraordinaire Amy Wright to our JUMBLED gang! She has got to be one of the coolest creatives around, dappling in two of our favourite things ever - art and flowers! Interestingly Amy began her career in the corporate world, working with textiles and colour for the Automative Industry. Thankfully for us, she now not only paints the most incredible artworks (her colour palette is so perfect) but she also has our dream job styling flowers for weddings and events through Wunderplant! Crazy cool!

We were super lucky to get the chance to have a quick chat with Amy, and really get to know the girl behind the artworks! 

Mix or match

I am definitely more a MIX person! With a mixed bag of a background, I am drawn to endless patterns, textures, colors, all from different eras and genres. I love the interplay between the mis matched. Op shopping is one of my greatest vices! I love the story behind things, and love to think that things have come from somewhere completely different to where it is that you found it and where you'll be putting it. 


Fave colour combo

I adore colour. My favorite colour is always a moving target! My colour loves can be very seasonal. Much of my inspiration is drawn from my immediate surroundings - landscapes, flora - as the surroundings change so too does my colour palette loves.  I do love the mix of dusty muted neutrals, with a sudden punch of a high chroma accent in a vibrant orange, emerald green or a regal purple.


Where do you find your inspiration

My immediate surroundings are my go to for inspiration, my works are often botanically biased, and there is a never ending bucket of inspiration from the floral world. Plants are just amazing!  I do have the inclination to look at parts of landscape that others wouldn't normally notice. I like to hone in on sections, get up close and look at the patterns, textures and colours that appear when you isolate a section and remove it from its 'normal' environment. 


Dream holiday destination

Europe, somewhere, anywhere.

Your perfect day

30 degrees and sunny with a gentle breeze. Start with a walk along the coast with camera in hand, returning inevitably with a handful of grasses and floral samples. Time out in the garden in the sunshine with a cuppa, followed by a painting sesh in the studio, perhaps a couple of hours....general pottering about..... glass of wine and yummy dinner with my partner Steve. A relaxed, no frills kinda day 


Describe your style at home

Mixed! And always changing! I drive Steve mad with my rearranging! I go through periods with lots of colour and pattern and then I'll put that stuff away and it'll be muted coloured velvets and linens. I am a collector of things so I have little collections dotted around. Things in groups of 3, 5, 7.... Too many decorative white ceramic vases. Plants, plants, some flowers, and some more plants.


Fave flower or foliage

One and the same.  FAVE = Grasses, what most people would call weeds. So beautiful. Their structure, their colours, their movement and the sound they make when the wind blows.

We are lucky enough to have two of Amy's pieces in store, and they are beyond amazing! Check out her pieces online here!


Image credits:

Amy Wright Blog



Meet Larissa!

Larissa Blake is one of the newest artists to join the JUMBLED art gang! Her intense colours, bold compositions and impressively large scale pieces are right up our alley. Orange locals would know Larissa well (and have probably spotted her in store now and again) but we wanted to give you all the chance to get to know this clever lady!

Mix or Match | Mix

Fave Colour Combo | Pink and Green in all its variations

Where do you find your inspiration | My art is inspired by the everyday, the world around me.  I’m constantly taking photos for references. The stunning view from my studio informs my landscapes, and my collection of objects and furniture appears in my interiors.  The garden is increasingly featuring in my work, which is no surprise as my husband Matt, owns a garden centre.  I recently realised a tendency to also paint what I feel is missing or what I wish to manifest in my life.
Dream holiday destination | New York.  It’s awesome, the energy there is incredible.  I can’t wait to go again.  
Your perfect day | I’m a night owl so my perfect day would include: a sleep in, day care, yoga session, hit the studio, and Matt cooking dinner.  Well, we can all dream.  No really,  I like to keep things pretty simple, a coffee with a girlfriend is a treat,  time in the studio is a must and dinner with the family makes me one happy chick.
Describe your style at home | My home like my studio is a beautiful mess.  Last year I attempted 'the life changing magic of tidying up', I’m still doing the sock fold thing but it’s doing my head in. I have a weakness for cushions and books, paintings everywhere, (my mother Loretta Blake is also a painter) and an ever-increasing collection of pots and plants.  It’s full and interesting and I love it.  I could be your poster girl for 'more is more less is a bore’
We are lucky enough to stock her beautiful artworks in store and online! Check out her pieces online here.
E-Styling at your service!

It's no secret that we just LOVE everything that Greenhouse Interiors does! They're pure styling geniuses! I mean, just check out some of our favourite styled spaces...


We could not be more excited to announce that we are now offering all our JUMBLED customers the opportunity to have their space styled by Julia and Noël of Greenhouse Interiors!

Thanks to technology it doesn't matter where you live. With Greenhouse Interiors' e-Styling service, you now have access to the very best interior stylists in the business!


For only $295 per room, you will receive personalised one-on-one styling advice, a tailored mood board, a product list of suggested pieces and an interior that makes you jump for joy, every time you walk into the room!

And to top it all off, you will receive 10% off any JUMBLED purchase from your mood board, following your consultation!  

It couldn't be easier! Simply jump over here and purchase the e-Styling service, and we'll be in touch with a Greenhouse Interiors questionnaire that will set the ball rolling! 

You can read more about Greenhouse Interiors on our blog here.

Styled shots: Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors styling for Lumiere Art & Co, Brent Rosenberg, Prudence Caroline, Sage and Clare and Ninnho


Julia of Greenhouse Interiors

Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors is the most insanely inspiring and clever stylist we've ever had the pleasure to meet! Her enthusiasm is contagious and before you know it, she has you mixing and matching to your heart's content. 

We want you to get to know even more about this crazy clever lady!

Julia catapulted her way into the design world after 17 years in pharmaceuticals - driven by her love and passion of all things beautiful! Julia is not only a co-host of popular TV show, The Home Team, but she is a frequent guest speaker and writer for several interior design events and publications. We're talking about all our favourites - Real Living, Inside Out, Frankie, House & Garden... you name it and she's involved! She's a regular cast member on TV shows The Block and Rebecca Judd's The Style School - so basically, this lady is a fountain of knowledge!

In all her spare time, Julia also mentors and represents several local artists and producers through her company Greenhouse Interiors- introducing these boutique brands into the retail space. We are lucky enough to stock several of these artists - Sage and Clare, Leah Bartholomew, Lumiere, Neon Poodle and Lisa Lapointe to name a few.

So now that you're up to speed with why we think Julia is the coolest lady ever... we are so thrilled to announce that Greenhouse Interiors is now offering an e-Styling service for our super special JUMBLED customers! Read more about it here and purchase the service here.


 Read more about Julia here, here, here and here!

Five minutes with Annie

It's no secret that we have had a long time crush on the crazy talented Annie Everingham, but take a quick scroll through her instagram and you will totally understand why!(Seriously, go on over and check out her instagram. It's okay, I'll wait here for you).

Welcome back! How crazy good is it? Layers of paint, the perfect blend of light and dark, little neon pops and just the right amount of puppy photos! 

We've been so lucky to have a few of her pieces in store, but they never last long! We're also super lucky that even with her crazy schedule (this girl is in demand!) we were able to have a quick chat with her. So pull up a seat, grab a cuppa, and get to know Annie Everingham!

Mix or match?

Definitely mix!

Fave colour combo?

Peach & Olive green

Where do you find your inspiration?

Pinterest, textiles for fashion, and travel snaps

Dream holiday destination?

Morocco or India are next on my list!

Describe your style at home?

Colourful, eclectic and comfy

Dream collaborators?

Gorman or Liberty London

Describe your perfect day?

Coffee and a magazine at a local cafe, a wander through the markets for fresh flowers, some painting and a quick dip in the sea followed by a delicious pasta and a rosé for dinner.

What is on your dream home wishlist?

An authentic Morrocan boucherouite rug (in every room), an original floral still life by Laura Jones and the new Floyd Shag cushion from Sage + Clare, so lush!

Thank you so much Annie! Keep an eye out for upcoming Annie pieces in store - you don't want to miss the opportunity to see one in real life! You will LOVE!


Image credit: Annie Everingham

Taking two with Fleur Harris

If you haven't seen the work by the uber talented Fleur Harris, then you are totally in for a treat! This girl is an absolute powerhouse of talent! Is there anything this girl can't do? Textile design, illustration, graphic design, product design, bedazzling... the list goes on!

Somehow she has found time to have a quick chat with us, and we feel so so lucky to have just a tiny insight into her creative life!
So grab yourself a cuppa (or a glass of bubbles!) and get ready to meet the one and only Fleur Harris...

Mix or match?
A jumbled mix curated from things chosen carefully for their unique preciousness so that when they come together they all work in accidental-on-purpose mixy matchy perfect harmony.

Fave colour combo?
I have a set of connector pens in my studio that I use to clip together different colour combinations. The one particular combo I am obsessed with is lavender, grey, peach and neon yellow. It came together by accident when I was packing up my pens and now I can't bear to pull them apart. I also have a glass jar of glitter that I pour all the spare glitter from my different projects into, so the colour of this glitter is always changing, but it hovers around the most beautiful soft-holographic-gold-multicolour-pastel tone most of the time, it's stunning.

What inspires you?
I really look up to people who are dedicating themselves to their work, especially when their cause is for the benefit of others. Ric O'Barry is a great example of someone who I am constantly inspired and motivated by. While our work is completely different, his passion, drive and unrelenting efforts to achieve his goals is something that really amazes and inspires me. He has huge roadblocks ahead of him in his dedication to the welfare and protection of dolphins, but he keeps going and going regardless.  

Dream holiday destination?
I've been to lots of amazing places in the world, but nothing beats a day diving on the Great Barrier Reef with salad sandwiches for lunch and drinks on the trip back to shore at dusk. Watching the sun set over the ocean with salty hair and bare feet hanging off the side of the boat after exploring the underwater wonderland of the reef is when I feel the most at peace and in awe of being alive on this amazing planet.

Describe your style at home?
The front half of our home is an 1890's Victorian which we have had a lot of fun restoring and bringing back to her former glory. The craftsmanship and attention to detail from that period is inspiring, and I've tried to stay true to that aesthetic in the front of the house from the restored lacework on the verandah right down to the bee shaped iron curtain tie backs in the bedrooms. The back half of the house is a modern renovation so that's where I've had a lot of fun curating all of our collected treasures into our living area to make for a space that's interesting, eclectic, full of stories but also visually balanced. Artwork plays a big part in our home, from large scale photographs to a large gallery wall filled with pieces we've collected over the years, masks from flea markets, a plate wall made up of ceramics I've collected when travelling etc. Whenever we have a milestone event to celebrate, such as our wedding or our first child being born - we'll invest in a piece of artwork or furniture to mark the occasion. Everything in our home is meaningful in some way, if it's not sentimental, beautiful or useful it gets chucked out.

Dream collaborators?
Anthropologie is one of my favourite retailers, so to create something with them would be heaven - especially ceramics or home textiles. But there's also a million other products I want to play with... sneakers, sunglasses, bed linen, floor rugs, ghetto sparkle street wear.. I want to do everything! Tiger is an amazing retailer whom I'd also love to work with, their business model and product mix is so simple and fun.


Describe your perfect day?
Sundays in our house are my kind of perfect day. I'm usually up early and work in my studio for an hour or so, and then my husband and I walk down the end of our street to the local farmers market, where we get some of our groceries for the week. We'll then head home for a lazy breakky and whenever we're ready we'll head into the city to the Queen Vic Market so finish off our shopping for the week. I love the chaos of the fruit and veggie market and the old world charm of the deli hall. We'll queue up to get a Borek, which is the best kept secret for a quick lunch in Melbourne in my books. We'll come back and go for a walk along the river and then spend the early evening together in the kitchen cooking up something delicious with what we found at the markets. It's just us hanging out, eating, chatting and taking it easy - it's perfect. 

What is on your dream home wishlist?
A dimly lit, well organised, charming wine cellar. Stone walls, drippy candles, reclaimed timber shelves packed with the delicious vintages we have been patiently keeping for years (currently stored in less than ideal places all over our house such as under our bed and in the linen cupboard). There'd be a memento for my late father, he was a vigneron and instilled in our family a great appreciation for wine and food, so he definitely gets a spot in there. It'd be small enough to feel cosy but big enough to be able to have a drink in if you didn't quite make it out of there after opening a bottle at the end of a long delicious dinner party.
You can check out more of Fleur's work on her website and instagram
Image credits via:
Fleur Harris, Girl Tweets World, Don Lichterman, BuzzFeed Australia 


A Second With Sage & Clare

We just LOVE all things boho! Layers of velvet, tassels, fringing and embroidery - it's what we're all about, so naturally we're so drawn to Phoebe and her insanely cool bedding range Sage & Clare! Everything she touches is pure gold! 

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing her newest collection, The Atlas Collection, then fly on over to our website here to check out all the goodness! Then when you're finished, get comfy and get ready for a whirlwind second with Sage & Clare....

Phoebe's studio and showroom

Mix or match? Mix all the way... Just look at our range! It's a riot of contrasting prints, colours and textures that work together no matter which way you put them!

Fave colour combo? I'm totally in love with blush and mustard or chartreuse at the moment. Can't get enough!

What inspires you? Travel is always my greatest source of inspiration. There are so many design cues found in artisanal and vintage textiles the world over. Put me in a souk or bazaar and I'm in heaven!

Dream holiday destination? Greece- ever since I was a little girl, I've dreamed of holidays in Greece. Can you believe I'm still yet to tick it off my list?! One day, hopefully soon, I'll get there.

Describe your style at home? It's colourful, humble, full of my favourite Sage and Clare pieces, and complete with lots of indoor plants. There's no real secret or rule I follow other than to include whatever makes me feel happy. That's not to say I wouldn't like to upgrade the ikea armchair I have one day, but I work with what I've got and surround myself with as much beauty as I can. There's no place like home and I love walking in the door.

Phoebe's bedroom

Dream collaborators? Not so much a collaboration, but I dream of being stocked in Anthropologie one day. That would be an amazing milestone!

Describe your perfect day? It would definitely need to involve a sleep in, brunch at a great cafe, a walk or swim in the river where we live and a slow afternoon and evening with close friends. I'm a pretty simple gal really!

Sage and Clare

What is on your dream home wishlist? A Ligne Roset Togo sofa. Or two! I better keep saving :)

Eep thank you so much Phoebe! You can grab your own piece of Sage and Clare over on our website now. Shop the collection here!

Sage and Clare


Image credit: Sage and Clare



The Atlas Collection

Bedding duo Sage & Clare have just released The Atlas Collection and it will totally blow you away! An ode to the iconic travel mecca of the sixties and seventies, Morocco, this collection is full of bold retro prints and shag embellishments. 

Husband and wife duo Chris and Phoebe are globe trekkers who find endless inspiration from the bustling streets and energetic cities. They are forever scouring the globe for handmade bohemian goodies that scream with soul. They spend months every year travelling to spend time alongside weavers, block printers and screen printers to bring Sage and Clare to life!

They are both serious about ethical practice, “There is a mutual learning that occurs between us and our artisans - they teach us their lifelong trade and we teach them how these traditional techniques can also lend themselves to modern design. It’s the perfect match!” The pair put their heart and soul into each piece of the collection, and it definitely shines through!

“Every day we aim to delight and inspire our customers… But most of all, we want to take you on a journey”

We hope you love the collection as much as we do! We're so in love with all the different textures and prints - it's the perfect mix and match! 

The Sage and Clare journey begins NOW - climb aboard by preordering your favourite goodies here. They land in store in April so now is the perfect time to start your layby! 

Read more about our automatic layby service here.

Pre order now for the coolest bedding ever!  

STARDUST by Kip & Co.

We are beyond excited to give you all a sneak peek of Kip & Co's newest (and in our opinion, greatest to date) collection, STARDUST!

Alongside all our favourite bright and bold goodness that we love about Kip & Co, this year they've also thrown the most incredible plain linens in the mix! There truly is something for everyone in this collection!

From crazy cool gherkins to giant tassel details... can we please have one of everything! 

Well let's let the photos do the talking, here is a just a tiny snippet of the goodness to come! We'll be opening up the pre-order REALLY soon, so watch this space! If you haven't already signed up for our VIP newsletter, click here to make sure you're up to date with the release dates!

Amazing, right?! We seriously cannot wait to get our hands on this amazing new collection! Don't forget to keep two eyes on our social media to be notified of release dates, but if you don't want to continue hitting refresh then make sure you're signed up to our VIP newsletter (you can sign up here)!

Love Pip & Jess xxx

Local really is LOVELY

Sophie Hansen from  is one of those people that has her finger in every pie... literally! Sophie is a freelance food writer, home cook, cook book author, Prac Workshop creator, talented photographer and a deer farmer based just out of Orange.

Sophie started her blog three years ago to celebrate nice farmers (like them) and share recipes, and stories not only from their own farm, but others plus kitchens and markets across the country. Her recipes are simple, seasonal and fresh and her photography is stunning. Check out her blog here.
We were lucky enough to catch her in between her monthly Farm Kitchen Lunch and her next Pracshop (both of which are on my MUST-DO-List!) Happy reading! Pip xxx


Dream holiday destination

Somewhere with great food, no internet reception and beautiful surroundings. I've never been before but am currently dreaming of an escape to Satellite Island just off Tasmania, it's a private Island with it's own oyster beds, you can just drop a fishing line off the front deck and spend days lazing, foraging, swimming and completely switched off from the world.

Mix or match?

MIX definately.

What is your all-time fave meal

Well of course it would have to be our venison! And at the moment, I'm craving something like this warm salad of seared venison fillet with pickled peaches and local quark cheese.  

What is the best thing about living in Orange NSW

The lovely people and the amazing food and wine they produce. Or is that two!? We are so lucky here to have four distinct seasons so four distinct waves of produce to play with. For someone interested in cooking, Orange is a wonderful place to be.

Who are your fave creatives

Where to I start!!! At the moment I'm particularly loving the work of photographer Luisa Brimble, food stylist and blogger Michelle Crawford from Hugo and Elsa, Venice based blogger and food writer Skye McAlpine, Irish blogger Imen McDonnell of Farmette and Marte Marie Forsberg has the most beautiful style too. And I'm busting to get a copy of Anna Jones' new book A Modern Way to Cook - her food is so creative, healthy and beautiful.

Where do you find your inspiration

See above! Also of course from the farms and farmers around us, from our own farm, from the recipes and techniques my Mum taught me and also from what I learn through collaborations and friends. I love cookbooks and magazines too - it's a dangerous, expensive addiction!

What is your style at home

Colourful, happy, comfortable.

Describe your dream tablescape

Well, I really love using linen, ceramics and flowers so it would be a simple wooden table laid with linen napkins, hand thrown plates and lots of platters to share. There'd be some foraged flowers and branches in there somewhere too!

I would love to attend one of your Local Is Lovely Pracshops, they sound like a total dream. What do they involve and who is best suited to attend.

Our workshops really are great fun and suit anyone wanting to inject a bit of inspiration and creativity into their lives! We have everyone from professional stylists and budding photographers to corporate office workers who seek some extra beauty in their lives. Bloggers, small business owners wanting to learn how to create better images for their websites and social media platforms, a wide range of people! But they all share a love of creating beautiful images and sharing beautiful food!

Crushing on CLAIRE

I have had a style crush on Claire Collected for sometime now! I literally gasp every time one of her pics pop on my instagram feed. You seriously HAVE to check out her feed! Follow her on instagram here. So I feel super lucky...and maybe a little star struck to have been able to chat with Claire about her blog, style, photography and future renovation plans!

Claire is a mum of three, who has started a blog Claire Collected that showcases her favourite fashion finds, our colourful home decor, and some super fun party ideas. Check it out here, it is colourful, fun and happy! Enjoy the read! Pip xxx

What inspired you to start your blog Claire Collected? This is a really good question and it's surreal looking back at how it all evolved. When Ruby was born (now 20 months) I spent countless hours looking at beautiful inspiring instagram feeds during those middle of the night breastfeeds. Particularly baby fashion and nursery decor which I was utterly blown away by as it had been such a long time since I had my other two children (8 year gap) I was so impressed with the variety that was now available in terms of kids fashion and decor I couldnt wait to get involved. So that is what I originally blogged on. I started buying cute things I found on instagram and posting them to my private feed. My followers (all 150 of them) loved seeing Ruby, but weren't really that interested in the brands I was getting so excited about. I quickly realised I needed to be sharing this passion with other like minded people not just my real life friends. So I decided I would open my page up to the public, brand it, and start a 'thing'. 

I dabbled in the fashion for a little while, sharing my love for supporting small businesses and hand made finds / organic cotton clothing etc with like minded Mamas. Then I started doing my kids rooms up and this is when my blog, and IG feed, took a real turn to include interiors, and I got a boom in subscribers. The response has been amazing, there are a real die hard group of interior lovers on social media (myself now one of them). All looking for inspiration for their own homes just like I was. At the time that I started my blog, everything was monochrome. Everything! I actually quite liked it, but only in small amounts. I had one or two things but quickly realised I was just following a trend, that this really wasn't my true style. So I backed off and went back to my true passions, ignoring the pressure to succumb to instagram trends which can be all too inviting! My first few pictures where I literally just did my own thing were so well received I realised there were lots of people craving something different to look at, away from the scandi / monochrome look that was now everywhere on IG. So colour became my point of difference..  Don't get me wrong, I genuinely LOVE the colour, and I have a house full to the brim with neon pops and all sorts of fun accessories. But I suppose, to settle into what I wanted to be a bit of a niche, I fully EMBRACED the colour. And I've never looked back! My instagram feed is exaggerated. In real life things are a little tidier, a little less cluttered. But that's the whole point, its FUN, it's over the top, it's inspiring. Which to me is what I look for in a blog or instagram feed. Fresh fun inspiration, good vibes, and family fun is what I am about. 

Mix or match? MIX, all the way. You only need to glance at my instagram feed to realise there isn't a lot of match, at all ha ha!

Describe your perfect day? COFFEE, beach with our two chocolate labradors, family time, once a week some really good champagne, clean sheets, a good book ( it's been way too long, too many blogs ha ha!), did I mention coffee? ;)  

Fave colour combo? ohhhh that is hard! I'm going to say, anything unpredictable, pink with orange, and so on. But at the moment i'm loving pink/peach tones with gold. I have a bit of that going on in my bedroom atm and i'm loving it.

What is your next design project in your home? We are actually about to renovate! yikes! the whole kitchen / family living area. huge project. very very exciting! watch this space! I'm VERY excited to share this with my followers as it progresses.

Describe your style at home? chaos ! ha ha! no really, I often read interviews with people like myself and they are self confessed OCD, that is not me. I am the opposite ! rather unorganised, sigh. I like the warmth and friendliness that colour bursts bring to our home. That said, whilst I can tolerate a bit of clutter for a certain amount of time, I then hit a limit and it's time to put it all away, or rearrange. I suppose I enjoy clusters of things in our home that make it feel like exactly that, a home, but I do enjoy clean lines in the kitchen. Probably because I don't love our kitchen at the moment so I find the only way I can cope with it is to have it spotless! Once we renovate I hope to have some lovely nooks in there just like I have around the rest of the house that make that space really feel like it reflects our happy cheerful family vibe . Spots to display the kids art, plus decor that makes it really feel like home. We are really sick of that space not feeling like home, but haven't wanted to spend any money on it until the renovation is underway. Only weeks away now!

Heels or sneakers? sneakers, always lately! I worked full time in between my older children and Ruby, i've done my time in heels I think! Most days i'm juggling a camera in one hand and a toddler in the other. sneakers are essential. 

Dream holiday destination? New York, get me there!

What inspires you? lately, photography. Not necessarily styling photography like mine, but amazing portraits, landscapes, images that take your breath away. I could look at them all day long. I hope to one day have the time to take my photography to the next level and explore new ideas.

What is on your home dream wish list? Oh gosh, this is very relevant to us at the moment. I suppose the biggest thing for us is a large family area that looks out over our back yard. We currently have open plan but low ceilings and not enough room for our family of five, I am absolutely dying to open that up and create a family space. Our oven is currently broken and we are going without until this renovation starts in a few weeks. I am missing that creative outlet, but more so , cannot wait to have a communal space we can be together as a family. So I am lusting after all the usual renovation touches, the polished concrete, island bench, but I'd say the big picture for us is the space, taking the walls out, and the ceilings up, so we can feel like we can all be in that room together and not literally piled up on top of one another !! I love the chaos, but at the moment it's a little cramped for comfort. Not long to go now!

Make sure you jump on over to read Claire's blog here, or check out her instagram! We promise you'll love it as much as we do!

Make mine MINTY!

It's no secret we love beautiful things, so how could we not love the super talented ladies over at Minty Magazine! Their thoughtfully curated online magazine is a haven of all goodies that are perfect for your little people! We caught up with Sarah Davies, editor of Minty Magazine, to get the low down on all things minty. 

Can you explain your idea behind launching Minty Magazine? We purchased a 60's home a couple of years ago which we have slowly been renovating. When it came time to create a magical little space for our two girls I was overwhelmed by the amount of inspiration on Pinterest and it occurred to me late one night that I should create my own little platform to showcase what I believe is the best in children's design. I am only just finishing their rooms off now though - the magazine seemed to take over there for a while!

What are you aiming to showcase in Minty? Ultimately we showcase beautiful children's interiors with a mix of family homes, fashion, decor and other pops of inspiration. I like to ensure we are always curating content which our readers haven't seen before. I am also passionate about small business and this industry is absolutely brimming with talented artisans and creators, so its nice introducing their wares to our readers too.

You recently had another little baby, how are you managing??? Is it lots of coffee? What's your secret? I won't lie - our third babe (who is now 5 months old), has increased the workload more than I expected but the best piece of advice I was given was to lower my expectations (although this is easier said than done)! For now, I work when the babies are asleep which allows me to get the bare minimum done. I have loads of stuff planned for Minty Magazine in the future, but my priority for these few months is to savour every minute of my newborn...it's cliche but they grow up far too quickly.

What trends do you think we will be seeing in kids spaces and interiors? There are so many amazing removable wallpaper options available now, making it easier than ever to create an amazing and unique room without the commitment of the traditional variety.

What is your style like at home? In 2016 we are renovating our bathroom, laundry, kitchen/living and deck so things will change considerably. Mostly I love neutral walls and furniture, with pops of colour and texture in our decor. I also have a thing for retro furniture, and my husband has restored some fabulous old pieces for our home. 

What is on your interiors wish list? Holy moly, I want all.of.the.things!!!. Right now I have my eye on the Factory Cabinet (bedside tables) from General Eclectic. Simple, practical but very lovely to look at!

Mix or match? I love the look and idea of mixing colours, styles and textures, but I must say when it comes to my own home, I always come back to those which match.

Fave colour combo? It honestly changes so often, but since having a boy (after two girls) I am really loving blue in every variety. Particularly teamed with sea green and tan leather.

What have you got planned for Minty Magazine in the future? We would love to publish a special printed edition at the end of the year, and have already started developing beautiful content. Our only hurdle will be a crowd funding campaign to help pay for printing costs, and we will launch this in October. Stay tuned, you'll be able to pre-order your copy soon!

Make sure you hop on over to their website to check out the latest edition of Minty Magazine!

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