Our Story


It all started many years ago when a little girl called Pip spent every weekend selling picked flowers, her pastel drawings, pikelets and cordial to passer-buyers. Selling beautiful things was in her blood.

Pip went to Sydney to study a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles, but the pull of Orange and pretty things was just too strong.

So, at the age of 22 Pip set up her first store, Iglou. For the last 10 years Iglou has been bringing the best of fashion to the Central West.

And then Jumbled happened. She couldn’t help it. Jumbled is an eclectic mix of all things wonderful for your home. It is pretty much everything that Pip loves and wants herself, all conveniently located under the one roof.

in 2016, Pip and her husband Nick Luelf purchased and renovated an old Masonic Hall, transforming it into our current home - The Sonic. The Sonic is now home to both JUMBLED and iglou, as well as a cafe Nimrod's - run by local barista Nimrod Nagy.