Gobstoppers and Giggles


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This artwork is part of Amanda Hinkelmann's 'The Matriach' exhibition

Original artwork by Amanda Hinkelmann

Amanda is a proud Wiradjuri woman from Wagga Wagga

This artwork tells the story of life as a little girl and the way a child’s joy can infect others. The joy of carelessness and innocence, the joy of getting lollies from the corner store on a Saturday afternoon. The joy of tickles from Daddy and raspberries on your tummy.

The joy of a mother as she watches these precious moments and sees the connectedness of the people you love.
Around the circles, sit symbols of people- those we love, watching on as memories are made without realising. Moments in time that will be fondly looked back on as giggles and gobstoppers.

The innocence of this work is represented in the dandelion seeds across the piece, and the children’s playfulness is represented in the offset concentric circles, imitating the layers of lolly I adored as a child- you know the ones- those that mum shook her head at... but let you have any way!

Mixed media 

Pastel and acrylic on canvas

Framed in Tasmanian Oak

90cm x 90cm

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